Back to School

Portland Public Schools are back in session.  Fortunately my kids got the teachers they wanted and they are off and running.  Now it’s my turn to get through the mountain of papers and get a system down for the year.  To ease in, l’ll start with when I can plan a vacation based on the PPS calendar.

We were a cold lunch family last year and this year this year my first grader has decided he’s a hot lunch kid (annual menu).  PPS participates in an online payment system so you can load up those lunch accounts.  I registered then discovered that there is a $1.95 fee every time I add money via the system.  I’m still glad I registered just to see the account balance but I’m going to drop off my cash with the lunch lady instead.

At the start of school each school sends home a Family and Student handbook.  If you want to read about the acceptable skirt length or that they will not be telling you when lice are rampant in your classroom that’s the place to do it.

If you are new to PPS you will need a background check on file before you can volunteer.

Happy back to school!