Bring your bike



My bicycle had a really nice spot in the basement of my Chicago home.  I rode it from time to time but it usually felt like playing Russian Roulette.  Although they’ve built bike lanes in recent years, the motorists of Chicago are not used to cohabitating and neither are the cyclists.

In Portland, there seems to be a hierarchy of courtesy.  The motorists share the road.  People look before they open their car doors.  There is a whole system in place for the cohabitation of drivers and cyclists.  What’s more, I have had multiple cyclists stop their bikes for me to cross the street.  That’s right, the motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are living in harmony.

Biking is woven into the fabric of Portland. There is no shortage of opportunities to shop local.  You can get a your helmet from Nutcase or browse for a new bike in River City Bikes with over 2,000 bikes in stock.  Soon you can even cross the river on a car free bridge.

Portland hosts numerous bike centric events.  May brings a film festival dedicated to movies shot by bike.  If you are feeling hot in June you can join the naked ride.  The streets are shut down for Sunday Parkways throughout the summer.  If you bring the kids, just remember there is a helmet law.